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The churches of Christ salute you. Romans 16:16

Current Mission Works

The members of the West Innes Street Church of Christ are blessed to be able to support mission works that are endeavoring to spread the Gospel throughout the world. Since 2018, our congregation has been able to greatly increase its focus on giving in many ways toward mission efforts.


Some of the works that we are currently supporting as a congregation, or that others are encouraged to support, are:



When thinking of South America, many people think of a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country.  However, Guyana is primarily an English speaking country with extensive historical connections to Great Britain.  The fact that the official language is English is very important to the missionary work in that country.  This is a vital advantage in that it allows those carrying the gospel and working in this area to correspond and speak directly with, not only those being taught but also those members of the church there.


Guyana is a warm, tropical country and has a population of 700,000.  About 90 percent of the people live along the coast and 62 percent are classified as rural.



The church in the Rampachodavaram / Tuni area (Andrhra Pradesh state) of India begain in 1972 when brother J. C. Bailey, a Canadian missionary, converted Barre Ratnam of Rampachodavaram.  Brother Ratnam, an educator by profession, began converting his contemporaries and many educators were brought into the church early on.  Almost all of these men became gospel preachers and their teaching abilities provided unusual church growth in the early years.  The Willette congregation in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee assumed the responsibility for this work on January 1, 2000.  As of January 2021, Zack Holmes, a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching and member at Willette, became full-time coordinator for this work.